Partnering for your financial success


Our Purpose: To Empower Family-Orientated and Purpose-Driven Leaders to Build Generational Wealth

Stephanie W. Mackara, JD


At Charleston Investment Advisors, we take the time to get to know you. Our guiding questions help us develop your financial story – with your values and on your terms.

Who are you?
We get to know you as a person, not as numbers on a spreadsheet.

Where are you now?
We take a comprehensive look to understand your past and current financial state.

Where are you going?
With our guidance, you design and live the life you have always dreamed of having. We help you define your unique goals and story of financial success.

How will you get there?
Through partnership and accountability. We develop, implement, and together, we regularly monitor your long-term wealth plan.

With the many demands on your time and the complexities of the financial decisions you face, the personalized wealth management we provide may make a real difference, both for you and your family.

Your Investment Portfolio is Just One Aspect of Your Financial Picture.

Focusing on what is most important to you, both financially and personally, is a vital component of your successful partnership with Charleston Investment Advisors. By understanding what is most important to you, we design a holistic plan that aligns your resources with your goals.


You dream of achieving personal and generational wealth, and you want a financial advisor who aligns with your values. Your unique definition of financial success might include planning for a secure retirement, growing your savings, mitigating taxes, increasing your charitable giving, taking care of your family, ensuring your children or grandchildren receive a quality education, building a legacy, and so much more. We help you clarify and hold one another accountable for achieving your financial goals, whatever they may be.


We are your boutique wealth management firm with over three decades of experience, ready to partner with you to grow your personal wealth. We proactively coordinate each element of your wealth plan, strategizing with CPAs, Estate Attorneys, and other professionals in order to maximize your wealth.


We look at your specific values and goals, as well as your time horizon, income and liquidity needs, and your approach to risk management. Together, we define your version of financial success and collaborate to translate it into a series of prioritized actions. We consistently monitor and adjust your financial plan and regularly rebalance our approach every step of the way.

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