Dear Friends, Clients and Colleagues,

Well, the first four months of this year have felt like watching a US Open tennis match watching the ball hit back and forth on the court…the US markets were down in January, only to perform strong in February, then lost steam in March, only to hit a new high in April. Whew! The markets move to their own rhythm, so instead of joining the dance, it is helpful to keep in mind that successful investing is not market focused and performance driven. Successful investing is goal focused and planning driven. I have attached the infamous Skittles Chart below as a reminder of the randomness of returns and the benefits of diversification.

As the Spring semester ends, we are actively engaged in finding a good intern to help us implement a workflow system to help make us more efficient in serving our clients. During my search I came across this article which examines the importance of internships as many young adults are preparing to graduate from college and are looking for work. Please share this with your children or grandchildren.

Interested in retiring sooner rather than later? This last article explores 9 ways to help you reach your retirement goals. Finally, take a peek at the CIA corner for some business updates and some pictures of our Open House. A big Thank You! To all of you for supporting us and giving us the opportunity to continue to serve you, now in a new location!

Happy Spring (and soon to be Summer) everyone!

Articles of Interest

Skittles Chart
Imagine opening a bag of Skittles and tossing them on the table; the random pattern before you would be similar to the random pattern of the stock market returns.
Diversification neither assures a profit for guarantees against loss in a declining market.
The 9 Habits of Highly Successful Retirees
Try some of these ideas for a potentially earlier retirement.
What Employers Look for in Recent College Graduates
Solid work experience and extracurricular activities top the wish list for potential employers.

CIA Corner

•    Recommended reading:  The One Page Financial Plan by Carl Richards.  I have been a follower of fellow advisor Carl Richards for years and was fortunate to be asked to review his book before his recent public release, and I was not disappointed.  Carl is the master of simplicity.  The book is accessible and filled with financial wisdom; Carl reinforces points with simple drawings that make a lasting impression.

•    Thank you all that participated in our Client Survey last quarter, please know that your feedback is essential to our success.  Keep on the lookout for some new enhancements as a direct result of your input.

•   We had a great turnout for our Open House topped off with a visit and ribbon cutting from Mayor Page!  Thanks to all that attended and see our pictures here.

•    Update mailing address: Please make sure that you have updated our mailing address to 654 Coleman Blvd. Suite 202, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464.  For those clients who may occasionally mail directly to Loring Ward, they have a new address as well, 10 Almaden Blvd, 15th Floor, San Jose, CA 95113.