Summer 2014 

Dear Friends, Clients and Colleagues

Remember how exciting the beginning of summer was when you were a kid? When I think back to my childhood summers, it’s hard not to make comparisons between then and now. A lot has changed, including how much things cost. There’s nothing like thinking about what it used to cost for a gallon of gas to make you long for the good old days! The first article I’m sharing brings us back 30 years, to 1984, and serves as a reminder that inflation is alive and well.  In the article, “Short-Term Focus”, you’ll see how the longer you stay invested, the less likely you are to suffer a loss in the stock market.

There’s been a great deal of study and emphasis on how our behavior affects our finances, and this video interview with an expert in the field (who we are fortunate enough to have on our Investment Committee) will definitely give you something to think about. Finally, with summer here, you might be looking for some new travel ideas. Perhaps this article about some lesser-known vacation spots might help you with your summer plans.…enjoy!  


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       Articles of Interst


Are You Ready for the Next 30 Years?

Remember when a movie ticket was less than $4? Thanks to inflation, if your investments are making less than 3% each year you’re actually losing money.



Short-Term Focus: Coping with Near-Term Fluctuations

Don’t let short-term swings affect your view of the future.


Video: Masters of Modern Finance – Meir Statman

Find out what behavioral finance expert Meir Statman has to say about the role our emotions play in making decisions.


4 Off-Radar Road Trips for 2014

One of these destinations may be just right for your vacation this summer.


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